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Niagara Conveyor Systems LTD is a relative new company in the Niagara Region. For the horticulture industry solutions we provide, we have more than 15 years of experience in Europe.

Please check our solutions and products and see how your company can gain time, money and quality.

E.g. Check out what our Step Counter can do for you. You would be surprised how much money you can save for your business.
After all, each step counts!


Do you run a small or large scale greenhouse - nursery or plant repotting operation?


No longer will potting be a slow, labour intensive, expensive job.

Potting machines can pot up to 3000 pots per hour, and are adaptable to almost standard pot and container sizes.



Renting a potting machine: Cheap and easy

It is probably easier than you think to rent a potting machine: One phone call and the potting machine will be delivered at the date agreed upon and it will be positioned and set up as well. Renting is possible for any term, starting from 1 day!


In combination with the right conveyor belts

The Easy Max™ conveyor belts are perfectly suited to be used in combination with the potting machines. They can be rented with or without a potting machine. A minimum of one conveyor belt is required with a potting machine in order for the containers to be guided of from the machine.

Complete equipment

The potting machine will be equipped according to your specifications. Niagara Conveyor Systems will supply you with container holders (practically every size is kept in stock), as well as soil drills, drill plates and distribution forks. All your specific demands can be produced in our own factory. The necessary compressor and electricity cables are included.