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Niagara Conveyor Systems LTD is a relative new company in the Niagara Region. For the horticulture industry solutions we provide, we have more than 15 years of experience in Europe.

Please check our solutions and products and see how your company can gain time, money and quality.

E.g. Check out what our Step Counter can do for you. You would be surprised how much money you can save for your business.
After all, each step counts!

Leasing or buying your Shipping Systems

Niagara Conveyor Systems designs and manufactures complete shipping systems for the Horticulture industry to function as efficiently as possible. Each complete shipping system is devised and tailored to you as the customer.


Shipping systems are a combinance of roller conveyors and transport conveyors which make it possible to create buffers of plants  to pack in shipping rooms.    


Sorted out on hights , colour or maturity of plants whom are available on each moment for shipping.    




Advantages of a buffering system:     

- Organised shipping space   

- First in First out    

- High shipping speed    

- Overview availability    

- Easing up shipping activities   

- Easy to make mix trays